Benefits of bilingual education for children - Ventajas de la educación bilingüe para los niños

At BMS, we know that parents are always looking for ways to inherit the best possible education to their children. For this reason, parents enroll them from an early age in Early Stimulation, and they are part of subjects such as swimming, art, music or some other sports disciplines.

But definitely a smart investment in your children’s future is to enroll them in an institution where they will receive bilingual education; especially when the second language is English.

What is bilingual education?

Bilingual education not only means that they will be taught a second language in a specific course — the subject of English, for example — but that the different subjects are taught in both languages, completely naturally and progressively, so that the child’s brain and hearing get used to sounds, pronunciation and accents.

This will allow them to quickly communicate in that second language as well.

A bilingual education also offers the boy or girl the possibility of opening up to a whole universe of possibilities, by learning about another way of seeing the world, another culture.

This second language will also provide kids with cognitive benefits by increasing their creativity and imagination, improving their critical thinking, focusing their attention and taking advantage of their neuroplasticity so that they become continuous learners of life, through experience.

A bilingual child develops the executive capacity of the brain and improves memory.

Three advantages of bilingual education

  1. Boys and girls will learn to speak English as if it were their native language, with total fluency. In the future, this will allow them to mobilize geographically (having a good command of the English language, a person can live practically anywhere in the world), accessing opportunities that would have been more difficult to achieve just by speaking Spanish.
  2. They will gain an open mind to the world, with a greater understanding of cultural diversity and greater tolerance to differences. If they speak English, they will be able to integrate into a more cosmopolitan society (current realities of our social reality).
Three advantages of bilingual education - Tres ventajas de la educación bilingüe
  1. Social scalability. Another reason why having a bilingual education is important lies in the future, as we have already mentioned, by obtaining scholarships to study at the best universities in the world or being hired by multinational companies that offer excellent working conditions. That could mean a better socio-economic position and better income for the rest of their life.

Finally, after receiving bilingual education, children will have a greater capacity to learn a third or fourth language, always developing excellent intonation and pronunciation.

If you want to invest today in a prosperous future for your children, choose to provide them with the best bilingual education at Perez Zeledon. Contact us, at BMS we will be happy to support you in achieving this New Year’s resolution.

At BMS we offer accompaniment and care from early childhood, first-level training, and complementary education; All in the same place.

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