All levels of preschool are taught in the English language and their students enjoy the multidisciplinary program, included in the BMS curriculum at no additional cost, which favors the development of the student’s gross and fine motor skills, and includes: Music, Flute, Karate, Art, Physical Education, Environmental Awareness, Soccer or Ballet and Swimming.

“Play to Learn” is the teaching philosophy for preschool programs.

Other advantages of attending preschool at BMS:

  • Our students have the opportunity to represent the institution in academic, sports and cultural activities.
  • Students are encouraged to acquire hygiene habits and self-care routines.
  • Students initiate the BMS values ​​program, which seeks to sensitize students to our surroundings and promote respect.

Levels taught in preschool and their particularities:


3 years old as of February 15. Pre-K students learn to read through methods that involve play and fun.


4 years old as of February 15. The curriculum for kindergarten students includes, among other things, literacy.


5 years old as of February 15. The program for students at the preparatory level seeks a smooth transition to the school system, which includes Spanish, science and math classes, as well as the use of technological methods to complete homework and review. With this program, a solid base is created to optimize their entry to primary school.

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    At BMS we offer accompaniment and care from early childhood, first-level training, and complementary education; All in the same place.


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