Why is it important to implement a second language in children?

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At BMS, we are a private bilingual school, and we firmly believe that learning a second language, specifically English, can be an invaluable gift for our children. Why? Because multilingualism is not just a skill; it’s a doorway to countless opportunities and enriching experiences. That’s why today we want to share five main reasons why it’s crucial for our children to immerse themselves in a second language from an early age.

5 Reasons Your Child Should Learn English from a Young Age

Enhanced Cognitive Development

Learning a second language helps develop and enhance children’s cognitive abilities. This involves greater problem-solving skills, improved critical thinking, and enhanced concentration. Bilingual children often exhibit superior cognitive flexibility and can switch tasks more quickly and efficiently.

Deeper Cultural Connection

 Mastery of a second language allows children to connect with different cultures in a more profound and meaningful way. It’s not just about the ability to communicate; it’s also about understanding and appreciating cultural differences and similarities. This can foster an attitude of respect and tolerance towards the diverse cultures of the world.

Optimized Communication Skills

Mastering a second language involves understanding the structure and grammatical rules of a new language. This, in turn, often results in a better understanding and proficiency in their native language. Children can learn to express their ideas more effectively and clearly in both languages.

Preparation for a Globalized Future

 In an increasingly globalized world, being bilingual is a highly valuable skill. English, in particular, is widely used in business and academia, so proficiency can open a wide range of academic and professional opportunities for our children in the future, such as scholarships abroad or better job positions.

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Increased Empathy and Social Awareness

 Studies indicate that bilingual children develop greater empathy and social awareness. By learning about other cultures and perspectives, they can better understand and relate to others’ experiences.

Encouraging the learning of a second language from an early age is one of the greatest gifts we can give to our children. Contact us; at our school, we are committed to providing a stimulating environment for our students to embark on this linguistic adventure.

At BMS, we are convinced that this investment in their education will bear fruit, providing them with essential tools to navigate and succeed in the world.

At BMS we offer accompaniment and care from early childhood, first-level training, and complementary education; All in the same place.

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